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From the Pastor’s Study: All Longsuffering

My travels as an evangelist back in the early 1990’s took me to some small towns in the hills of West Virginia. In one old chapel in a coal mining community I met an elderly woman named Tommy Ann. I remember her both because I thought she had an unusual […]


From the Pastor’s Study – 8/18/19 I recall an old Frank and Ernest comic strip depicting the two title characters in Scottish Glengarry hats and kilts standing next to a sign reading, “This way to Loch Ness.” As a tiny lizard crawls by, one says to the other, “Aye Laddie, […]

From the Pastor’s Study – Honesty and Debt

American history used to be taught to school children not simply to inform them about the past and their place in the world, but also to instruct them about their civic responsibilities. It was also a vehicle for educating young people in virtue. Admittedly, occasional fanciful events were presented as […]