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From The Pastor’s Study – The Crisis in Missions – 1/26/2020

Uncle Tom’s Cabin first appeared in 1852 in serial form and was later published as a book, setting sales records. Its emotional portrayal of the suffering of black slaves in the south captured the attention of the country. A decade later, during the early days of the Civil War, the […]

From the Pastor’s Study – “Let ‘em up easy” 12/1/2019

On April 4, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln, accompanied by his son Tad, visited the recently captured Confederate capital, Richmond. It was just days before Lee would surrender to Grant, effectively ending the Civil War. Rumors spread quickly through the city that Lincoln was coming. A large number of former slaves […]

From the Pastor’s Study – Edited History

Our church’s recent Christian Heritage Tour of Washington D.C. accomplished what I had hoped. Neither a vacation nor strictly a historical tour, the trip proved to be a genuinely spiritual experience. Our tour guide, Rev. Tim Schmig, calls the tours he leads of the nation’s capital “Stories in Stone” for […]

From the Pastor’s Study – Eisenhower

It was a high school teacher who showed me that history is more than just names, dates, and places. History is the record of the influence of ideas – political, sociological, economic, and religious. Everyone from the capitalist to the communist recognizes the influence of economics. Each election cycle we […]