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Moody’s Secret

Recently I have been reading the inspiring biography of evangelist Dwight L. Moody written by his son, William.  During the last quarter of the 19th century, until his death in 1899, Moody preached on average to over 40,000 people per week – without the aid of modern electronic voice amplification.  […]

Proposal 1

The federal government of the United States has declared the possession of marijuana to be illegal.  Enormous resources are expanding policing its importation, production, sale, and use – and for good reason.  It is an addictive, harmful, mind-altering substance.  However, while still against federal law, marijuana is now legal in […]

The Lottery Lies

As a boy, I regularly visited Birmingham Drugs on Woodward Avenue to spend hard-earned lawn mowing money on comic books and a Coca Cola.   I remember vividly when the orange Michigan Lottery kiosk was installed near the cash register.  What caught my attention was the workers from Jax Car Wash […]

English Baptist Forebears

It was a point of personal pride for me when I was told as a child that through my father’s father I was descended from the English royal house of Stuart.  It was a matter of disappointment in my teen years when I learned in my high school European history […]