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Forgotten Greatness

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt are men not only conspicuous in the pages of American history; their images are carved into the stone face of Mt. Rushmore.  The record of the lives of some men makes it nearly impossible for them to be forgotten by future generations. But there are […]

Wasted Time

Sometimes it is strange the things that make one nostalgic and awaken childhood memories.  A couple of weeks ago David Cassidy died at age 67.  Most people today have little or no recollection of this pop icon and teen idol.  However, in the early 1970’s few people in America were […]

‘Twill Soon Be Past

Last week sad news reached me that an old friend has been told that he has only three or four months to live.  He has unselfishly requested prayer for his wife and son – that God will give them comfort and provision after he is gone. Death is something we […]

Remember Rick Monday?

It was the bottom of the fourth inning of a day game at Dodger Stadium, April 25, 1976.  Two protesters trespassed onto the playing field with an American flag they had doused with lighter fluid.  Before they were able to strike a match to ignite the flag, Chicago Cubs centerfielder […]